About Us

Pilates 13 studio is based in the old South of Amsterdam. We offer different levels of reformer and tower classes ranging from beginner to advanced.  For a more challenging and highly effective workout, we offer HIIT Pilates and hardcore Pilates classes.

We also offer private classes – alone or with friends.

Each class is 55 minutes. Please see more detail about classes and bookings on the classes tab.

After or before a class come and join us for some refuel. We have coffee, tea and cold drinks available. As well as freshly made organic smoothies perfect for after the workout.

Clients and none clients are Welcome.



-These classes are essential for new members or anyone returning to us after an injury. We recommend 3-5 beginner classes to get you familiar to the machines , set up and techniques. The beginner class is the perfect way to prepare you for the next level of classes we have available at the studio.

Standard Pilates

– Not recommended for beginners. This level will be intermediate to advanced. Each class will vary.

HIIT Pilates

-Are HIIT classes are designed to burn calories , fat and increase fitness levels. The class will be split in to half floor and half machine work with a cool down and stretching section at the end.

Please bring clean training shoes along for this class!

Hardcore Pilates

-These classes are not for the faint hearted please be prepared to sweat!

This class is more dynamic Pilates featuring high energy 55 minute workouts.Incorporating the Pilates equipment and weights.

Please note- this class is not ideal for anyone with any injuries. 

Personal training

-Designed to meet all of your needs. We can tailor the session just for you.

You can choose to have a private session alone or with friends. For more information about packages and booking please contact us.


    • 1 X personal training session (55minutes)


    • 1 X  group class session (55minutes )


  • 1 x group classes €25 (1 month expirary)
  • 5 x group classes €115 (6 months expirary)
  • 10 x group classes €200 (6 weeks expiry)
  • 20 x group classes €425 (1 year expirary)
  • 30 x group classes €635 (1 year expirary)

1 on 1

  • 1 x session: €65
  • 5 x sessions €315
  • 10 x sessions: €600
  • 20 x sessions : €1130

1 on 1

  • 1 session: €40
  • 10sessions: €370
  • 20 sessions: €700
  • 1 session: €80
  • 10 sessions : €720
  • 20 sessions; €1400

For private bookings of 3- 4 people – € 100 per session (55 minutes)

Want to join the team?

This you’ve got what it takes to join the Pilates 13 team ? Then send us and email with your CV to info@pilates13.com or call: 020 845 4115


Stadionweg 153-H,
Amsterdam 1076 NM

+31 20 845 41 15