Pilates 13


Faye Wallace-Davis
Founder & Master trainer

Certified pilates Master trainer. Peak pilates comprehensive. Balanced body advanced cross over. Pre/post natal specialist. Scoliosis certified. Certified injury trainer; spinal, hip and other injuries. Certified working with Breast cancer clientele. Worked with balanced body, polestar, Basi and Peak pilates.

Adriano Gongora

Certified Reformer Pilates instructor.

Alisa Zakirova

Front desk, currently studying PPLE law.

Burcu Özdemir

Certified Classical Pilates Mat education at Smartbody, Amsterdam  and BASI Certified Movement Practice as Comprehensive Instructor

Christine Gioia

Pilates instructor in advanced mat at Pilates Academy, Advanced Pilates reformer qualified at  Balanced Body & Polestar, Core Concepts Advanced Anatomy at Immaculate Dissection, Sport and nutrition Diploma at Wageningen University, Yoga 200HR at Authentic Movements Education, B.Sc Applied Health Science & Physical Therapy at CORU/ MIAPT and B.Sc Physiotherapy at European School of Physiotherapy

Effie Kechagia

BASI certified pilates instructor and mentor in both Comprehensive & Mentor level. She holds certificates in Pilates for injuries & pathologies, Pilates for breast cancer, Pilates for pre/post natal, scoliosis, osteoporosis, shoulder mechanics, and for Pilates for runners.

Elisa Fu

BASI certified instructor specialised in pre – and postnatal, Diastasis Recti rehabilitation and  muscle release technique and aromatherapy.

Erika Hoopes

Certified Pilates, yoga and meditation teacher. Pre/post natal specialist.

Judit Vlaar-Szonyi

Certified Pilates Reformer instructor at Neuro Pilates programme through Body Hack AUE.

Julie Dupas

Certified Pilates instructor and Progressing ballet technique since 2019. Holds a PhD in Biology and worked as Biology teacher for 5 years. She is ballet performer and danced in a conservatory for 5 years in France

Lena Heuel

Certified Pilates instructor at Bodymotion, empowers spirits to (re-)connect & sculpt their bodies by conscious movements facilitated from a correctly anatomical alignment.

Marialuisa Lattene

Certified Pilates teacher.

Rocío Vera Herran

Certified Reformer Pilates instructor.

Suus Ladiges

Certified Pilates instructor at BASI.

Theano Vasilaki

 Certified Reformer Pilates instructor.