Pilates 13

Terms and Conditions

Regarding packages and subscriptions

  1. We do not offer refunds for any packages or subscriptions (group class or Personal Trainings).
  2. We do not offer extensions for packages unless there is a medical reason. If you are unwell, injured, or have another condition that prevents you from practising Pilates with us, please provide a note from a doctor, physiotherapist, or otherwise health professional in order to process your extension request.
  3. Each package has a unique expiration date, which is clearly stated on the Mindbody Online booking platform, on our website, as well as our app. You cannot book a session after this date, even if you book within the activation period of the package.
  4. Packages purchased cannot be shared between people.
  5. Subscriptions are a 6-month commitment. We require a notice of 1 calendar month for cancellations of subscriptions. Please notify us of your intent to cancel your subscription via info@pilates13.com.
  6. If you wish to upgrade your subscription to a higher tier is possible with a 1 calendar month notice. Please notify us of your intent to switch your subscription at info@pilates13.com.
  7. Our introductory package (2x group classes for €45) is only available for new clients. Our booking system will not allow repeat purchases of that package.

Attending classes and personal trainings

  1. Grip-socks mandatory to participate in the class. This is for hygiene and safety reasons. Wearing regular socks may cause you to slip on the reformer and may result in injuries. If you do not have grip-socks, you can purchase them at the studio before your class.
  2. Due to a high demand in classes, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for bookings. This means that you may cancel your booking up to 24 hours before a class to get your credit back. If you cancel your booking within 24 hours before a class, it will unfortunately be charged fully.
  3. If a class is fully booked, you can also add yourself to the waitlist. However, if you add yourself to the waitlist, then it is your job to remove yourself if you cannot attend the class. Failing to do so will result in a no-show.
  4. Please notify the instructor of any injuries, discomfort, or other medical conditions you may have that may hinder your enjoyment of our services. The instructor will modify the exercises to accommodate for your needs.


  1. We do not offer refunds on opened and unpackaged merchandise. If you have not opened the packaging or the item has not been used, we can swap the size and colour according to your request.